Ajay Devgan Bhola teaser review |

Ajay Devgan Bhola teaser review |

The trailer for the highly anticipated and action-packed Ajay Devgan's Bhola movie, has finally been released. 

The Bola movie trailer has received a lot of praise from Ajay Devgan fans and Bollywood cinema lovers alike.

Bhola teaser Ajay Devgan

It is also important for all Ajay Devgan fans to know that this Bhola movie is a remake of the South Indian film, and since Ajay Devgan is directing and producing this movie, it will be very similar to his previous films Shivaay and Runaway 34. 

This film contains thrilling and previously unseen thriller scenes. 

Let us also remind you that it will be released in all cinemas on March 30th.

Ajay Devgan's recently released Drishyam is earning hugely in cinema houses.

 Meanwhile, Ajay Devgan has also launched the explosive teaser of his another upcoming movie Bhola, which has become a topic of discussion among Hindi movie lovers.

This has drawn attention from fans of Hindi movies.

Ajay Devgan's face may not be visible properly in this thrilling teaser, but with this powerful and action-packed teaser, the excitement has increased among the people to watch the movie.

The orphanage is shown first in the 1 minute 26 second teaser. A small girl named Jyoti lives there, and her caretaker informs her that someone is coming to meet you playing early this evening.

When she hears this, she wonders who is the family, father, mother, brothers, sisters, grandparents, and many other relatives who will be coming to meet me today.

Then, in the very next scene, our hero Ajay Devgan appears. In the jail, the Bhagavad Gita is being read. Then, in the following scene, it is time for him to depart. 

In the jail, inmates are discussing who this person is and where he came from, and whoever knows him is no longer there.

The teaser of Bhola movie is getting rave reviews

The next scene features Ajay Devgan performing remarkable stunts with a trishaw, a bike, and a car. 

Some have said that it is a remake, while others have claimed that Ajay Devgan is strong in any role. 

Bhola cast

Bhola movie star casts are: Ajay Devgan, Tabu, Raai Lakshmi, Harsh Chhaya, Sharad Kelkar, Sanjay Mishra, Makarand Deshpande, Kiran Kumar, Arpit Ranka, Asif Khan, Ashna Sudheer, Ketan Karande, Ashwini Gini, Jahangeer Khan.

Bhola movie release date

Ajay Devgan upcoming Bhola movie released date is 30 March 2023.

Ajay Devgan New Movie list

Ajay Devgan upcoming movies are following
  • Maidan
  • Golmal 5
  • Circus
  • Jigar
  • Fateh Singh

What is the net worth of Ajay Devgan in 2022?

Ajay Devgan total Networth is 427 crore 

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